Community centers are the hub of our neighborhoods and provide the great recreational opportunities that make the Pacific Northwest a great place to live. From little league soccer, to yoga classes, to a game of chess; there is something for everyone at our community centers.

The Queen Anne Community Center is in need of an extensive rebuild. While Queen Anne hosts the third most visitors a year of any community center, the building is in disrepair and the interior space is badly underutilized. While a 2015 retrofit made the building seismically sound and patched up the roof, the time is now to realize the Community Center’s full potential.

Architects at Build LLC have put together initial designs building on 2015 structural improvements to the current building and increasing room capacity to expand existing pre-school programs, space for child care services, and an increase in recreational and hygiene facilities. Together, we can create a new Queen Anne Community Center for today and future generations.

We can do it by building a strong coalition of partners to strengthen community centers across the City. Green Lake and South Park, for example, both have community centers with imminent improvement needs. The Lake City Community Center recently received state funding, Queen Anne’s can as well.

Let’s build a coalition to fund our new Queen Anne Community Center with support from the Seattle Park District, Olympia, and other regional partners!

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